Warning: Cosmetic Injections by Home-Based Beauty Salons

Warning: Cosmetic Injections by Home-Based Beauty Salons

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery has issued warnings after the Therapeutic Goods Administration advised that it had received reports of home-based beauty salons administering cosmetic injections and unapproved substances for anti-wrinkle injection procedures.

The College is deeply concerned about reports of unapproved substances being used for anti-wrinkle procedures, restricted drugs which are only available through a prescription issued by a doctor, are being purchased online and imported by individuals and used in Australia in home-based or other businesses.

The ACCS strongly warns Australians against receiving cosmetic injections and medical treatments from home based businesses which may also be using unapproved substances purchased on the Internet.

S4 Medicines should only be provided through and administered under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Having unapproved substances injected by untrained persons can lead to serious complications.

The College strongly advises anyone considering having a cosmetic procedure to first consult with an appropriately trained doctor.

Visit the College’s website http://www.accs.org.au/ for further information and a copy of the College’s patient information brochure, “Things you should know”.