lift and tighten your skin naturally, from the inside out, with a SINGLE treatment and NO downtime!

Ultherapy is generally regarded to currently be the most effective non-invasive technology that can lift and tighten face and neck skin with a single treatment and no ‘downtime’. After treatment, patients can immediately return to work and resume their social activities.

The Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic decided to introduce Ultherapy simply because we could see that many of our patients who were concerned about early facial skin laxity, didn’t yet warrant a Surgical Facelift.

Prior to the introduction of Ultherapy technology, skin tightening treatments were based on delivering pulses of Radio-Frequency Energy to the skin’s collagen layers which then stimulated the production of new and stronger collagen.

Ultherapy works in a similar but more effective way using focussed Ultrasound Energy.

How does Ultherapy work? 

Collagen and elastin are natural proteins that give skin its youthfulness by keeping it firmed and toned. As we age, the collagen and elastin fibres lose their strength and our skin starts to develop laxity and sagging.

Ultherapy works by sending waves of ultrasound energy very precisely through the skin down to the collagen layers needing rejuvenation. And, it does so without causing any disruption of the skin surface, hence there is NO downtime!

The unique advantage of the Ulthera® System over similar machines is its ability to display the skin’s individual layers on the screen – not unlike a typical medical ultrasound. Therefore, the waves of ultrasound energy can be accurately focussed to the correct depth of the collagen layers. At the focussed point, the ultrasound energy produces a thermal effect which essentially ‘jump-starts’ the skin’s repair process to produce fresh, new collagen to replace the old and weakened collagen fibres.

ultherapy process

The end-result of this collagen replacement process is a firming, tightening and lifting of the skin without any ‘downtime’. 

In other words, it tightens from the inside out! 

However, your patience is essential because, being a steady and progressive process, the collagen replacement process takes time to occur. Don’t expect to see any immediate result. The collagen replacement process that will deliver your final result takes place over the ensuing months. Usually, an initial improvement can first be seen starting around 2-3 months after treatment, but then the skin continues to improve for up to 6 months as the old and weakened collagen is replaced with new and firmer collagen.

The advantages of Ultherapy using a genuine 
Ulthera® System include: 

  • Safety: Ulthera® has an established safety profile with well over 1 million treatments to date worldwide 
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive 
  • No disruption of the skin’s surface 
  • No ‘downtime’ 
  • One treatment only 
  • No post-treatment pain 
  • It stimulates your own natural processes to produce new and stronger collagen
ultherapy process

Which areas of skin laxity can be treated with Ultherapy? 

The commonest areas of skin laxity suitable for Ultherapy are: 

  • Lower face 
  • Neck 
  • Under the eyes 
  • Crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes 
  • Droopy brows 
  • Fine lines on the Upper Lip & Chin 
  • Wrinkles on the décolletage (upper chest) 

The Award 

Ultherapy® won an award at the My Face, My Body Awards 2020. 

It was named the Best Skin Tightening Treatment of the year. 

award winner

Who is best suited to Ultherapy? 

As the skin’s collagen-rebuilding processes are better the younger we are, Ultherapy delivers its best results for patients in the 30-55 year age group with only early to medium degrees of skin laxity and who don’t yet need a surgical facelift.

That is not to say that patients older than 55 cannot have Ultherapy – they certainly can, but must understand that their end-result will likely not be as good as someone much younger.

Generally speaking, those in their 60’s and 70’s with advanced signs of facial ageing and marked loss of skin elasticity would not be suitable for Ultherapy and should instead consider Face & Neck Lift surgery.

Realistically, whatever one’s age, one must never expect Ultherapy to deliver the same degree of skin tightening & lifting achievable with a Surgical Face Lift or a ‘Thread Lift’.

How is Ultherapy done? 

Ultherapy is performed in our Clinic as a simple walk-in, walk-out procedure by doctors trained and certified in Ultherapy. We do not have Nurse Operators.

A Local Anaesthetic Cream is firstly applied and left for one hour before commencing treatment. Although this provides a sufficient level of comfort for most patients, if you have a low pain threshold, we can add an analgesic medication prior to the treatment to make your treatment even more comfortable.

After marking the skin areas for treatment, your doctor will scan your skin’s layers onto the computer screen – similar to the images you may have seen at a normal medical ultrasound examination. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only doctors trained and certified in Ultherapy should be performing this treatment – the reason being that the ultrasound images of your skin on the screen need to be interpreted correctly in order to deliver the ultrasound energy precisely at the required depths. Untrained personnel who do not possess this skill and knowledge should not be performing Ultherapy.  

Once the skin’s layers in need of tightening are seen on the computer screen, our doctor will select the appropriate transducer that will deliver the ultrasound energy precisely at those depths.

Each time the ‘trigger’ is pressed, one ‘line’ of ultrasound energy is delivered precisely at the required depth. The transducer is then advanced very slightly onward, the next ‘line’ is fired, and this is repeated until the required total number of treatment lines have been delivered. Being such a sophisticated system, the Ulthera® machine’s computer displays the number of lines required for each skin zone as well as the number of lines that have already been delivered, thus eliminating room for error.

Is Ultherapy suitable for all skin colours? 

Yes. As the Ulthera® system targets only the skin’s deeper layers without any disruption of the surface, it can be used on any skin colour.

How many treatments are necessary? 

Only one initial treatment is necessary. However, you should plan to have a maintenance treatment every 12 months to counteract the natural ageing process. 

Before & After




As Ultherapy is such an effective treatment, a number of less sophisticated ‘copycat’ machines have been produced overseas and brought into Australia.


Unfortunately for patients, treatments with cheaper ‘copycat’ or counterfeit machines are being offered in Australia.

Counterfeit machines with fake ‘Ulthera’ labels

Yes, they do exist!
The image below is of a label on a machine offered to us in Australia, blatantly pretending to be a genuine Ulthera® machine but which, in reality, is a fake!  If you look carefully, you will see two spelling mistakes in the label wording. This just shows the extent to which some dishonest manufacturers will go to capitalise on the popularity of the Ulthera® system.

Fake Ultherapy Machine

Three ways to identify an authentic Ultherapy machine

  1. Check that the clinic is listed as a certified Ultherapy clinic. Certified practices have all undergone stringent training and support from Merz Aesthetics. Check that your chosen clinic is listed as an authentic Ulthera® provider on https://www.ultherapy.com.au/
  1. Check that your treatment visualisation is happening in ‘real time’. When the device moves along your skin, the ultrasound image on the screen should display all the details of your skin in ‘real time’. Copycat machines usually feature only static images or pre-recorded ultrasound footages playing on loop to create the impression that the screen is displaying your skin layers!
  1. Verify authenticity by requesting to see the Ultherapy ‘crystal’ or certificate which are only given to certified Ultherapy® Providers.

Some clinics and beauty salons use the scientific Term ‘HIFU’

HIFU is an acronym for High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound and some clinics may claim that their machine is equivalent to a genuine Ulthera® system.

In reality, however, the Ulthera® system is the only one that allows actual ‘VISUALISATION’ of the skin’s collagen layers. This visualisation enables the Operator to precisely focus the ultrasound energy on the target layer rather than firing blindly into the tissues!  

Don’t be alarmed by some online reports of adverse outcomes

You may happen to read on Google some alarmingly negative reports on Ultherapy, but we suspect that such reported adverse outcomes may have occurred at the hands of inexperienced ‘therapists’ using cheaper ‘copycat machines’ that do not allow visualisation of the skin’s layers during treatment and thus were firing ‘blindly’ into the tissues.
The genuine Ulthera® system has an established and impressive safety profile with over 1 million treatments to date worldwide.

Advertising ‘Ultherapy’ without having a genuine Ulthera® system

Ultherapy is a Registered Name, and legally should only be used to describe treatments with a genuine Ulthera® system. A consumer could be misled into believing that the ‘Ultherapy’ advertised will be delivered by a genuine Ulthera® machine but in reality, an alternative copycat machine could be used. This is misleading and illegal advertising but its promoters rely on their discounted prices to attract unsuspecting consumers. Genuine Ulthera® clinics can never match these ‘cheap deals’ because of the high costs of the system’s transducers – consumables that are expensive but essential to deliver the precise amount of energy required. So, always be wary of ultra-low prices for ‘Ultherapy’ that sound too good to be true – because usually they are not!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes.  Ultherapy has an established safety profile with well over 1 million treatments to date worldwide. 

Why are there some adverse reports when I search Ultherapy on Google?

Owing to the popularity and effectiveness of the genuine Ulthera® system, a number of cheap ‘copycat’ machines, and even some fake machines, have been produced overseas and brought into Australia. These machines lack the sophistication of the genuine Ulthera® system and do not allow the operator to actually see the tissue layers to be targeted – the result being that they are delivering ultrasound energy ‘blindly’ which can injure unwanted targets. 

Who performs the treatments?

All Ultherapy treatments at our Clinic are performed by a doctor trained and certified in Ultherapy, not by a Nurse or Skin Therapist because it is essential that the person performing the treatment has the ability and knowledge to accurately interpret the various tissue layers seen on the ultrasound screen. 

How many treatments are necessary?

One only. Thereafter, a yearly top-up is recommended to counteract the natural ageing process. 

Is there any downtime?

No. You can resume your normal work and social activities immediately after without any post-treatment restrictions. 

Is it painful?

Some areas may feel an occasional twinge of discomfort at the very moment the ultrasound energy is being delivered but for most patients it is minimal and easily tolerated. Nevertheless, to make the entire experience as comfortable as possible for every patient, we apply a Local Anaesthetic Cream 60 minutes prior to your treatment. 

How long does the treatment take?

This will depend on the areas are to be treated. Our doctor will advise how long your Ultherapy session will take once he/she has assessed you. 

When should I see my improvement?

You must be patient. Ultherapy works by stimulating your own skin’s biological response to replace old and tired collagen with new and stronger collagen.  Naturally, this cannot happen ‘overnight’. The improvement usually starts to appear 2-3 months later and then continues up to 6 months. 

Are there any complications?

Ultherapy has an established and impressive safety profile with over 1 million treatments to date worldwide. Any side-effects are usually mild and transient.