Total Facial Rejuvenation Consultation (TFR) explained…

Simply put, this is the consultation to have when you don’t know what to have!

So many people call us after trying to do their own research as to what is the best treatment for them. They have usually gone from website to website and by the time they speak to us, they are so confused or have chosen a treatment that’s not going to achieve the result they’re looking for!

We always suggest a TFR with one of our doctors who will address their concerns by offering ALL options – both Non-Surgical & Surgical.

The advantage of consulting one of our surgeons is that they perform the FULL RANGE of treatments so you can be assured they will only recommend what will work.

So, if you want to feel better about yourself but don’t know where to start, do yourself a favour and book a ‘Total Facial Rejuvenation Consultation’ Now!

Special Lockdown Offer $165 (Normally $220)