Our ‘Invisible Lift’

restore a more youthful look without major surgery!

  • Lift loose, saggy skin without Traditional Facelift Surgery
  • Avoids the potential complications & scars of Traditional Facelift Surgery
  • Performed by our experienced Cosmetic Surgeons
  • No General Anaesthesia, Local Anaesthesia only
  • No hospital – performed in the privacy of our own clinic’s Theatre
  • No visible scars
  • Quick recovery, minimal downtime

This is an excellent rejuvenation option for early to medium stages of facial ageing where the skin has lost its firmness and become loose and a little saggy.  It is not suitable for advanced facial ageing where a traditional facelift would be a more appropriate option.

Our ‘Invisible Lift’ is so called because:

  • There are NO VISIBLE SCARS as are always seen after traditional facelift surgery.
  • Lifting of the skin is achieved by inserting a number of special threads under the skin to   tighten the skin and return it to its higher position.
  • Unlike the threads of previous years, the threads we use nowadays are totally absorbable. This means that they completely dissolve after around 12 months. However, this does NOT mean that when they dissolve, your skin suddenly drops back down to where it was because well before the threads dissolve your skin has already become affixed in its higher and more youthful position.

For those whom we deem suitable for our ‘Invisible Lift’, the advantages over traditional forms of facelift surgery include:

  • Easily affordable: a fraction of the cost of Traditional Facelift Surgery.
  • Quick: most take only 1-1½ hours.
  • Minimal downtime: usually 1-2 days only.
  • No hospital necessary: performed in the privacy of our own Clinic’s Theatre.
  • No General Anaesthesia: Local Anaesthesia only +/- mild sedation.
  • Safer: avoids the potential serious complications of Traditional Facelift Surgery.
  • Performed only by our experienced Cosmetic Surgeons.
  • Our ‘Invisible Lift’ may also be an option for those who’ve previously had Traditional Facelift Surgery and now once again have skin looseness but don’t wish to have repeat facelift surgery.

Realistically, as the ageing process never stops, no facial rejuvenation procedure – whether it be an ‘Invisible Lift’ or Traditional Facelift Surgery – can be expected to last forever.  So, whether you’ve had previous Traditional Facelift Surgery or an ‘Invisible Lift’, when the signs of facial ageing again take over, you can restore a more youthful appearance by simply having another ‘Invisible Lift’.

Please note: If researching and comparing costs at various clinics, please bear in mind that not all brands of threads are the same quality, and that similar procedures may be found at cheaper prices by Cosmetic Physicians without any surgical facelift experience.

Very importantly, this means that a Cosmetic Surgeon with surgical facelift skills and experience:

  1. Has an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and the ‘look’ of the tissues immediately under the skin.  Having seen those tissues first-hand during surgery, the Cosmetic Surgeon has a better ‘feel’ of where the threads need to be and accordingly greater accuracy when positioning those threads.
  2. Can offer you whichever procedure suits you best. If the doctor you’re considering does not perform surgical facelifts, he/she may offer you a ‘Suture Lift’ when in actual fact you need a surgical facelift.


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