Dr Maysons Glycolic Acid Skin Rejuvenation

Dr Mayson’s Unique Glycolic Acid Skin Rejuvenation Formula

Rejuvenate Your Skin at Home with Dr Mayson’s Once-A-Day Program!

This is a very simple-to-use, inexpensive ‘home program’ that will visibly start to rejuvenate your skin within 6 weeks of commencing it.  Dr Mayson personally developed the formula many years ago and because it is so effective, complication-free and inexpensive it has proven extremely popular.  Moreover, everyone can benefit from it and every type of skin can use it. Within 6 weeks of commencing the program your skin will:

  • look fresher;
  • look more radiant; and
  • feel smoother

without any redness or visible peeling.  As the peeling it causes is microscopic it is not apparent and so there is no need to take time off work or miss out on social events while using it.

Glycolic Acid is a naturally occurring ‘Fruit Acid’ found in sugar cane and it is one of the few substances that have been scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on the skin.  Currently, there are many commercially-available Glycolic Acid products on the market but most are only weakly effective and moreover, have obviously not been customised to YOUR skin.

In contrast, Dr Mayson’s Glycolic Acid Program is a prescription-based program that will be specifically customised to your skin’s requirements. In this way, you can confidently expect the best possible results for your skin. 

 How does it work?

Glycolic Acid basically works in three principal ways:

  • It thins and smooths the ‘dead cell layer’ at the skin surface while at the same time thickening the ‘live cell layer’ directly under it. As the thickening of the ‘live cell layer’ is greater than the thinning of the ‘dead cell layer’, the net result is overall a thicker epidermis.  In other words, your skin does NOT end up “thinner” or more sensitive to the sun.
  • It unclogs blocked pores.  In this way it is very useful for those with a tendency to whiteheads, blackheads and acne.
  • Long-term use of Glycolic Acid has proven on biopsy studies to stimulate the production of collagen in the deeper skin layers.  Although its effect on existing fine lines may not be dramatic, more collagen means more support for your skin and therefore an increased resistance to future wrinkling.

What changes should you expect?

  • Fresher-looking skin
  • Smoother skin to the touch
  • More radiant-looking skin
  • Reduced open pores
  • Improvement of fine lines
  • Fewer blocked pores, whiteheads and blackheads 
  • Improvement of any acne

These changes are usually noticeable within the first 6 weeks even though you would still only be on the first, introductory strength of lotion. However, when you progress on to the higher lotion strengths, you will notice even more improvement.

What is the program?

Your Initial Skin Assessment

At your initial consultation, Dr Mayson will assess your skin in order to customise his prescription formula to your skin’s requirements.  In order to do this, you will need to bring to your appointment every cosmetic you use on your face for Dr Mayson to check which ones you can continue to use and which you must stop or replace.  This screening of your current cosmetics is essential before Dr Mayson can issue you with the prescription, the reason being that some cosmetics do actually counteract the effects of Glycolic Acid.

Your First Prescription

Glycolic Acid must be introduced to your skin slowly in order for the skin to acclimatise to it.  This means starting with a lower strength solution, and for the first two weeks applying it only every second night. Don’t be tempted to apply it every night at this stage – doing so before your skin has acclimatised to it could cause peeling and redness forcing you to stop it.  Follow the instructions exactly and you will be rewarded with a noticeable improvement in your skin within the first six weeks.

When you are close to finishing your first bottle, usually in some 8-10 weeks’ time, make another appointment to see Dr Mayson before it finishes otherwise he will not be able to prescribe the next strength because in the meantime, depending on when you last used it, your skin may have lost its initial ‘acclimatisation’ and then you have to again start from the beginning.

Your Subsequent Prescriptions

Once your skin has acclimatised to the introductory lotion strength, the rest of the program involves the issue of prescriptions of increasing lotion strengths as determined by Dr Mayson at each of your visits until you reach the maintenance strength of 10 or 12%.  Usually only three visits are required to reach this maintenance strength.  At each appointment, Dr Mayson will assess your skin and its degree of improvement and then issue you with your next Glycolic prescription which you have made up at the pharmacy.

Once you have reached the highest strength of Glycolic Acid, usually after 3 visits, Dr Mayson will issue you with a maintenance prescription that you only need to renew every twelve months.

Long-term use of Glycolic Acid has not been shown to have any adverse long-term effects on the skin – only positive ones!  Accordingly, there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be using it!

Owing to the way in which this skin rejuvenation program is specifically tailored to each person’s skin requirements, patients report to us that they find Dr Mayson’s Formula not only more effective but also less expensive than many of the commercially-available Glycolic Skin Rejuvenation Preparations.

How do I use it?

As it is necessary for your skin to acclimatise to the Glycolic Acid, you must introduce it to your skin slowly, otherwise, undue redness and irritation will result and force you to stop it.  Therefore, unless otherwise directed by the doctor, for the first 2 weeks apply the lotion every 2nd night and thereafter every night.

  • Firstly, remove all make-up and surface oils using a mild cleanser such as ‘Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser’ (available at your chemist). Wait at least 10 minutes for your skin to be ‘bone-dry’ before applying the lotion.
  • Using a soft cosmetic pad (not a cotton-wool ball), apply the lotion to the whole face from the forehead hairline to just under the jaw line. Don’t be afraid to go into the hairline or over the eyebrows – the lotion will not cause your hair to weaken or fall out.  Run the cotton pad over your eyebrows but don’t go below them onto the upper eyelid.  When applying the lotion under the eyes, don’t go onto the eyelashes to avoid getting the lotion into the eye.  If any lotion accidentally does enter the eye, flush it out immediately with plenty of water.
  • Do not apply the lotion with a hard-rubbing action otherwise skin irritation and redness will result. Simply apply it gently, thinly and evenly to the whole face as described.  Do not leave “pools” of lotion on the skin.  Instead, there should be just a thin, even film of lotion over the whole face.  Applying more DOES NOT mean a better or quicker effect.  Instead, skin irritation will result and force you to pause the program.
  • Initially, until your skin acclimatises, you may notice a mild stinging or tingling sensation for 30-40 seconds after applying the lotion. This will disappear once the skin acclimatises.
  • Mild redness and occasionally very light flaking of parts of your skin may occur in the first month or two but these are not a reason to stop the program. As with the stinging, they also will settle as the skin acclimatises to the Glycolic Acid. However, if any redness, flaking or stinging is more than just mild please contact the Clinic so that Dr Mayson can adjust your prescription.
  • Most importantly DO NOT put anything on your skin after applying the lotion otherwise you will neutralise or dilute its effect.
  • In the mornings, you may wash your face normally should you wish to do so but it is not necessary to wash off any traces of Glycolic Lotion.
  • If your skin becomes too dry from the lotion, you may use a moisturiser BUT ONLY IN THE MORNINGS 20 minutes before applying your foundation/sunscreen. If your skin is still too dry in spite of the moisturiser, purchase a heavier moisturiser or contact the Clinic for Dr Mayson to modify your prescription.  PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOU ARE USING GLYCOLIC LOTION FOR ACNE AND YOUR SKIN BECOMES TOO DRY, ONLY USE A MOISTURISER SUCH AS CETAPHIL WHICH IS OIL-FREE, OTHERWISE YOUR ACNE WILL WORSEN.
  • Return to the Clinic before your lotion finishes which is generally after about 8-10 weeks. At this visit the Dr Mayson will assess your improvement and advise one or more of the following:
            • The next strength prescription
            • Continuation of the current prescription
            • Glycolic ‘Painting’ as an additional measure to hasten your improvement
            • The addition to your Glycolic Program of additional rejuvenation treatments by our Skin Aesthetician to further enhance your skin’s improvement.
  • IMPORTANT: You must return to the Clinic BEFORE each supply of lotion finishes so that you can obtain the next prescription and continue the Glycolic Acid Program UNINTERRUPTEDLY.  Otherwise, any substantial ‘break’ will allow your skin to lose its acclimatisation to the Glycolic Acid and then when you wish to resume it you’ll have to start again from the very beginning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) found naturally in sugar cane. It is often referred to as the Holy Grail for micro-exfoliation.

What are the main uses of Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid’s main uses are in skin rejuvenation and the treatment of acne.

How does Glycolic Acid rejuvenate the skin?

By very effectively and invisibly removing the skin’s uppermost layer of dead cells, the skin looks brighter, fresher and more radiant.

How does Glycolic Acid help to control acne?

Blockage of the oil-producing glands in the skin is the basic underlying cause of acne. By unblocking these oil-glands, Glycolic Acid removes the first stage of acne development.

Is it safe?

Yes.  You can continue to use Glycolic Acid indefinitely without any harmful effect on your skin.


Similarly, if you need only a small amount of glandular tissue excised, this is also done in Hospital as a Day-Only procedure. Only when the Gynaecomastia is very large and requires both excision and liposuction, is an overnight hospital stay required.

How do I commence the program?

We do not sell pre-prepared formulations of Glycolic Acid. Instead, Dr Mayson prefers to customise the strength of the Glycolic Acid to the individual needs of every patient.

What does the program entail?

After a careful assessment of your skin and all your current skin care products, Dr Mayson will prescribe the first of the three formula strengths which you then have made up at the pharmacy.  The three steps of increasing solution strengths are essential as your skin needs to acclimatise to each strength of solution before you move on to the next strength.

Each strength of solution is used for 8-12 weeks. Once you reach full strength, Dr Mayson will issue you with prescription repeats and you then only need to see him once every 12 months to have your prescription renewed.

What would happen if I went straight to full-strength Glycolic Acid?

Going straight to full-strength without allowing your skin to slowly acclimatise will produce redness, irritation and visible flaking of skin which will force you to stop the program. Use the program only in the manner prescribed.

What happens if I stop my Glycolic Acid Program?

If you stop the program, your skin will simply lose its former “glow” and “declimatise”. However, if you then wish to resume the program, you have to start at the very beginning as your skin needs to acclimatise again.

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