Our Consultations

Free Initial Consultations

We offer a Free Initial Consultation with one of our knowledgeable Clinical Advisors. This service is not a medical examination or assessment. It is purely an opportunity for you to learn more about the procedure you’re interested in, be guided as to which of our doctors you should see if you decide to proceed, and receive printed information to take home and read. There is no pressure on you to book a treatment. We simply give you all the information and let you go away to think about it. 

If you then decide to take it to the next step, you will need to book a proper Medical Consultation & Assessment with one of our Surgeons.

Surgeon-Consultation Fees

  • Dr George Mayson (Certified Cosmetic Surgeon) : $220

  • Dr Sawjin Tew (Specialist Plastic Surgeon): $220

  • Dr Bobby Kumar (Certified Cosmetic Surgeon) : $220

PLEASE NOTE: Some consultation types do attract a Medicare Rebate.  Ask our Receptionist if your consultation is eligible for a Medicare Rebate.