Our Consultations


All Medical Consultations with our Surgeons do entail a Consultation Fee.

So, why do experienced and reputable clinics such as ours charge for their doctor-consultations when others offer free consultations?

Simply because our consultations are lengthy, detailed, honest and conducted by the doctor who’ll be doing your procedure should you decide to go ahead. Furthermore, if you don’t need a procedure, or don’t need it yet, we will tell you so!

If you are considering a surgical procedure you owe it to yourself to have a detailed and informative consultation with the doctor who’ll be doing your procedure, not by a nurse or other non-medical employee. It is only your surgeon who has the training and experience to:

  • determine if you are a suitable candidate for surgery
  • give you realistic expectations as to the likely degree of improvement
  • explain in detail the best surgical technique, the downtime and any potential risks
  • provide you with a written, itemised quotation

As with other professions, lengthy consultations such as these do attract a fee because you are paying for the doctor’s time, experience, knowledge and professional advice and it is unreasonable to expect that a quality consultation should be free.

Always be aware that at clinics offering free medical consultations, the consultations are usually conducted by a nurse or other non-medical employee of the practice who medico-legally cannot examine you, or offer you any medical assessment or opinion, because they simply don’t have the qualifications to do so. Their aim is to ‘sell’ you a procedure, often a costly one, even though you may not need it or you are better suited to a less costly option!

Remember, no practice can survive financially without an income, so if their consultations are free, how do they survive?  The obvious answer is they have to hard-sell on services or increase the cost of their procedures to make up what they’re losing with free consultations!

In contrast, we offer patients a Free Information Consultation with one of our experienced Clinical Advisors. However, this does not replace the need to have a proper Medical Consultation as described above if you wish to proceed further.

Our Doctor-Consultation Fees are as follows:

  • Dr George Mayson – $220 (Redeemable on Certain Procedures)

  • Dr Sawjin Tew – $220

  • Dr Nelson Sucgang – $110 

PLEASE NOTE: Some consultation types do attract a Medicare Rebate.
Ask our Receptionist if your consultation is eligible for a Medicare Rebate.