Consultations & Financing

All Consultations with our Surgeons do involve a Consultation Fee.

So, why do experienced and reputable clinics charge for their doctor-consultations when some clinics offer ‘Free Consultations’?

Simply because Clinics offering ‘Free Consultations’ aim to attract more patients by not charging a consultation fee but then try hard to sell patients something – and that ‘something’ may not be the patient’s best treatment option. We regularly have callers describing how they were sold expensive treatments at a Free Consultation and which never helped. Moreover, Free Consultations can be very brief and conducted by a Nurse or Sales Consultant with only a brief ‘look in’ by the doctor – if at all!

All consultations at the Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic are professional, detailed, informative, honest and conducted entirely by the Surgeon who’ll do your procedure. You will not feel in any way pressured into signing up for a treatment then and there. Instead, our aim is to simply give you all the necessary information so you can go home, consider it all, and then make an informed decision.

Remember, ONLY your Surgeon, not a Nurse or Sales Consultant, is medico-legally permitted to offer you a medical opinion or examine you. Moreover, he/she is the only person who has the knowledge and experience to:

  • determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure;
  • give you realistic expectations as to your likely results;
  • explain any alternative treatment options;
  • explain the potential risks; and
  • provide you with a written quotation as to the total cost.

As with most other professions, detailed and informative consultations such as ours naturally involve a fee because you are paying for the professional’s time, knowledge, experience and advice. Always consider the consultation fee as YOUR INVESTMENT in getting the right advice compared to a ‘free consultation’ which is designed to ‘get you in and sell you something’ – and that ‘something’ may not be the best treatment to address your concerns!

Initial Consultation Fees:

Dr George Mayson (Cosmetic Surgeon): $165 (normally $220) until the end of this month,

  • with $100 off Dermal Filler Treatments if done on the same day;
  • with $100 off any other Non-Surgical Treatment if performed within 30 days;
  • fully redeemable of any Surgical Procedure if done within 3 months.

Dr Lara Wetton (Cosmetic Surgeon) $165 (normally $220) until the end of this month,

  • with $100 off Dermal Filler Treatments if done on the same day;
  • with $100 off any other Non-Surgical Treatment if performed within 30 days;
  • fully redeemable of any Surgical Procedure if done within 3 months.

Dr Sawjin Tew (Specialist Plastic Surgeon) $165 (normally $220) until the end of this month,

  • redeemable off surgery if performed within 3 months.

PLEASE NOTE: Some consultation types attract a Medicare Rebate. Ask our Receptionist if your consultation is eligible for a Medicare Rebate.

Our ‘Total Facial Rejuvenation Consultation’

If you are seriously thinking about which procedures can make you look your best, this should be your starting point!

Rather than research online and try to pick a procedure you think will achieve what you’re after, why not discuss your concerns with one of our experienced Cosmetic Surgeons who will analyse your entire face and explain very honestly ALL your options, which treatments will help, and which won’t. Many people research online and pick treatments they feel will address their concerns but it’s not until they’ve had a detailed ‘Total Facial Rejuvenation Consultation’ that they realise what they thought was their ideal solution was never going to achieve what they had hoped!

If You Need To Finance Your Procedure

Unfortunately, since new National Regulations were introduced in 2016, doctors providing Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery are not allowed to arrange financial loans for patients, or refer patients to financial institutions to finance their surgery.

This new National Regulation applies only to Doctors and Clinics providing Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery. The Regulations do not apply to other Medical Specialties.

Accordingly, if you need to finance all or part of your surgery, you must source your own funding.

Possible sources include:

  • A Personal Loan though your own Bank or other Lending Institution.
  • A Payment Plan with any one of the Medical Loan Providers easily found by searching ‘Medical Loans’ on Google.

What to Do First

  1.  Book a Consultation with one of our Surgeons by calling us on 9267 3322.
  2. At your Consultation, your Surgeon will give you a written quotation for the Total Cost of your surgery.
  3. If you need to finance, you can then apply for financing through your preferred financial facility.
  4. Once you have your financing approved, call us and we’ll arrange your procedure for whenever you wish to have it.

If you would like more information or wish to book a Consultation with one of our Surgeons, please call us on 9267 3322. 


  • Our Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons are highly trained and experienced.
  • All our Surgeons are Hospital-Accredited.
  • All major procedures are performed in Accredited Hospitals for maximum patient safety.
  • We’re known as ‘A Clinic You Can Trust’!
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