Our new Fraxel Repair Laser has arrived!

Our new Fraxel Repair Laser has arrived!

We’re very excited to announce that our latest-generation Fraxel Repair Laser has finally arrived in our Sydney office and is now in use for our clients.

What’s a Fraxel Repair Laser?

We use Fraxel machines to repair damage to skin, like wrinkles, sun-spots and acne scarring. We do this through laser skin resurfacing: a method that stimulates tissue regrowth and healing by removing microscopic portions of skin and pores. As your skin heals these tiny cuts, new skin cells form which provide a new, rejuvenated, unblemished outer layer.

What’s special about this machine?

This machine is the latest generation of a brand that we’ve used and trusted since 1993. The original CO2 resurfacing lasers were great, but because they removed the entire top layer of skin, full healing from the procedure took 10-14 days. This laser doesn’t remove the top layer – it can focus so finely that instead, the procedure involves just removing tiny slivers from a set percentage of the skin’s surface. These days, depending on the depth of resurfacing that you want, recovery time could be just 5 days.

Why the difference in procedure?

Applying the laser in a microscopic pattern that only affects some skin cells, not all, decreases the recovery time required as well as minimising the risk of pigmentation changes – where the skin lightens or darkens. The patterns used are tiny and invisible to the naked eye, thanks to the highly-advanced lasers used.

Is it suitable for my skin type?

Yes! This Fraxel Repair Laser is suitable for all skin types.

Does the machine need special expertise?

To get the absolute best result, it certainly helps to have an expert in both the procedure and the equipment used. Dr. Mayson was one of the first Australian doctors to use a resurfacing laser, and he’s now been using them for over 20 years. This long expertise shows in our safety record; we haven’t had a single case of scarring from this procedure in all that time.