Met Dr Lara Wetton yet

Dr Wetton joined our clinic in October 2020 & we are absolutely thrilled to have her. Finding a surgeon with the highest of standards as well as skills in both Non-Surgical & Surgical procedures is not easy in our industry.
Over the last 12 years, Dr Wetton has worked with a wide range of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons & presented at many Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Conferences in Australia & overseas.
Her special interests are Facial Rejuvenation (both Non-Surgical & Surgical), Cosmetic Breast Surgery & Body Contouring.
Patients remark how friendly, honest & warm Dr Wetton is during her consultations – isn’t that what we all want when discussing our concerns or insecurities?
Dr Wetton is a very understanding doctor who can easily empathise with a patient’s needs & desires but one that is very much against the ‘fake looks’ we see on Social Media.
So, if you haven’t met her yet, now’s the time to take the next step & have her assist you with your aesthetic goals.
I personally give her the gold standard!