Lip Augmentation


.… lip injections that create beautiful, sensual & luscious lips!

Full, plump lips are considered sensual and sexy. Moreover, adding volume and shape to the lips adds sensuality not only to the lips but to the entire face! 

If you are wanting a sensual but still natural-looking increase in the size of your lips, and not one that looks grossly out of proportion with the rest of your face, rest assured you’re looking at the right clinic! All lip injections are customised to precisely how the patient wants their lips to finally look and all treatments are performed by experienced doctors only. We do not have Nurse Injectors!

While everyone’s lip shape is slightly different and we may not all have what we consider to be the ‘perfect pout’, a customised approach makes it easy to enhance what is already there. 

Lip Augmentation
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Our reputation for creating ‘Beautiful Lips’ has come about from years of performing thousands of lip injections using either of our two special, essentially pain-free techniques: 

  1. Our Needle Technique under Local Anaesthesia; and 
  1. Our Special Cannula Technique which dramatically reduces the chances of ‘Lumpy Lips’ and Bruising! 

How we do it differently in 3 easy steps! 

Bear in mind that anyone can inject you with a Lip Filler and create bigger lips. However, bigger lips alone are not necessarily sensuous lips. Sensuous lips need shape, definition and proportion – not just volume – and this only comes from a sense of artistry on the part of your Injector. 

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Step 1: We make your treatment as pain-free as possible 

Regardless of whether you choose to have your lips enhanced by a needle or a cannula, the first consideration needs to be making the actual injection of the lip filler as PAINLESS an experience as possible. We achieve this by either of the following techniques: 

  • Performing a local anaesthetic ‘nerve block’ to numb the lips (similar to a dental block); or  
  • If you prefer to not have a local anaesthetic ‘nerve block’, our doctor can apply our specially formulated local anaesthetic cream prior to your procedure.    

Step 2: Injecting the Lip Filler 

Rest assured, we do not inject every patient the same way.Instead, our doctor will work with you to plan, customise and deliver the very look you’re after. Our doctor will always ask you to describe exactly how you want your lips to look before any treatment is started, and even during the procedure our doctor will hand you a mirror and keep inviting your feedback so that we can deliver exactly the ‘look’ you’re after. 

We offer all patients a choice of our two lip injection techniques but our doctor may recommend either one over the other depending on your lip anatomy and the look you’re wanting to achieve. Those two techniques are:

The Needle Technique 

Using a very fine needle, the Lip Filler is injected precisely where it needs to be to deliver the exact ‘look’ and shape you’re after. Although more likely to cause some bruising, Lip Injections using the Needle Technique actually allow a greater ability to sculpt and change the shape of the lips than does the Cannula Technique. 

The Cannula Technique 

In contrast, the Cannula Technique uses an ultra-fine cannula to inject the lip filler from a tiny entry point at each corner of the mouth, NOT a sharp needle. These cannulas are not supplied with the Fillers, they are imported from Paris, France and we purchase them separately in order to offer this specialised technique. 

The unique features of our Cannula Technique are:

  • IT DRAMATICALLY REDUCES THE CHANCES OF BRUISING because the cannula tip is rounded, not sharp like an injecting needle, and therefore is much less likely to tear the tiny blood vessels in the lips and cause bruises.
natural looking lips
  • NO PART OF YOUR LIP SURFACE IS PIERCED. Instead, the cannula is introduced through a tiny entry point in the skin at each corner of the mouth. Both upper and lower lips can be accessed through this same tiny hole.
  • IT DELIVERS FINE ‘THREADS’ OF FILLER, NOT ‘CLUMPS’ OF FILLER LIKE A NEEDLE DOES thereby delivering a smooth result. However, it is more suitable for lips that are already well-shaped and simply need extra volume. If your lips more need a change of shape, you may be recommended the Needle Technique.

Step 3: Final adjustments & after-care

  • Before finishing the injection of all the Lip Filler, our doctor will pass you a mirror and invite your feedback as to whether you want the remaining amount injected in any particular part of your lips.
  • The Lip Injections we use are all ‘hydrophilic’ – meaning they temporarily attract water from the surrounding tissues. Accordingly, mild temporary swelling of the lips is to be expected. This usually lasts for only 3-4 days but in some it can take around a week to completely settle. Frequent applications of ice to the lips at home over the following days will reduce this swelling as well as any bruising. Once the swelling from the water attracted to the Filler settles down, the volume of the lips will then reflect the increase from the Lip Filler alone.
  • Over the next 7 days, patients should avoid any strong pressure on the lips such as biting down hard on items (e.g. apples), hard applications of lipstick, and passionate kissing.

Which Fillers are suitable for Lip Injections?

There are many brands of Dermal Fillers approved in Australia but not all are suitable for Lip Augmentation. Fillers do vary noticeably in their ‘feel to the touch’ as well as their duration and so some are more suited to Lip Augmentation than others.

All Lip Fillers currently available in Australia can be broadly divided into two categories based on how long the correction should last:

1. Non-Permanent Fillers: average durations 6-12 months.

In this ‘Non-Permanent’ category, we only recommend those Lip Fillers that contain the same polysaccharide (complex sugar chain) present in ALL human skin. By injecting the same product that occurs naturally in your own skin, the risk of an allergic reaction is so negligible that no pre-treatment skin testing is required.

We believe that the Fillers in this category are, by far, the best fillers for lips because they:

  • provide excellent correction
  • have a proven safety record
  • are not of animal origin
  • require no pre-treatment testing for allergy
  • deliver worthwhile durations of correction

Unfortunately, and despite the fact that these fillers are already well known to the public, current Australian Government regulations prevent us from mentioning their names on websites. However, we are allowed to give you printed information on them, including their names, at your Initial Consultation.

2. Permanent / Semi-Permanent Fillers

‘Permanent’ & ‘Semi-Permanent’ Fillers of various brand names are the other category of Lip Injections on the market. The active ingredients of these Fillers are not identical to those found in human skin and may therefore be considered ‘foreign’ to the human body. They initially deliver volume but then have an ongoing effect of stimulating collagen formation around the particles of Filler. Based on the very way these Fillers for lips work, they do carry a risk of Foreign Body Granulomas (hard red lumps) which would then require cortisone injections and possibly surgical excision.

In the best interests of our patients, and based on both anecdotal and published reports* of permanent complications, we have never used or recommended this category of Lip Fillers.

*Report: American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Vol. 23, No3, 2006

How much Lip Filler do I need?

Most brands of Lip Fillers come in syringes containing 1ml – which is actually less than ¼ of a TEASPOON which is 5ml. Although one syringe is sufficient for most patients, if you prefer very full lips, a second syringe can be injected either immediately or after 7 days when the first amount has completely settled and it can be more accurately determined where any additional Lip Filler should be deposited.

How long does it last?

The average duration of correction is 6-12 months depending on the brand of Lip Filler you select. In any event, a top-up can be performed whenever desired.

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Lip Augmentation


The use of Dermal Fillers for all facial work, including Lip Augmentation, is a huge growth industry. As such, more and more doctors and an increasing number of Nurses are entering the field. So, before you decide who will inject your lips, consider each of the following:

  • The experience of the injector is paramount: Anyone can inject a Filler into your lips but it’s knowledge, experience and a sense of artistry on the part of the doctor as to how much and exactly where the filler needs to be placed in order to achieve the desired ‘look’.

  • An increasing number of clinics are employing ‘Nurse Injectors’ but in the best interests of patients, we remain a ‘DOCTOR-ONLY’ CLINIC. Dermal Fillers are classified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as S4 Products and accordingly, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY NURSE TO INJECT YOU WITH A DERMAL FILLER UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN FIRST ASSESSED BY THE DOCTOR OF THAT PRACTICE.

  • Your treatments should be largely pain-free: Please note that Nurses are NOT permitted by law to inject Local Anaesthetics, so without a Local Anaesthetic Block, your treatment could prove more painful.

  • Ideally, you should be given a choice between the Needle and Cannula Techniques for the reasons explained above.

  • Don’t choose your injector purely on price and end up going for the cheapest quote. Experienced doctors may charge slightly more but this is usually a reflection of their skill and experience. And it’s skill and experience that sets one result apart from another!

  • Make sure the Lip Filler you’re being offered is GENUINE AND APPROVED. There have been reports and warnings about serious complications from cheap, counterfeit Dermal Fillers illegally imported from overseas. The packaging may suggest it is genuine but if it is just a clever copy, it may contain impurities capable of causing serious complications. The safest approach is to only go to reputable clinics and not be tempted by cheap injectable ‘deals’ which could reflect a product illegally imported and potentially unsafe.

Remember, YOU are the consumer, YOU are spending your hard-earned dollars and you deserve the highest professional standards and the best possible results for your money. Don’t accept anything less!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various Lip Fillers available in Australia?

Unfortunately, current Government regulations prevent doctors from displaying the names of Lip Fillers on their websites. However, we are allowed to give you printed information on them, including their names, at your Initial Consultation. 
Basically, there are two broad categories of Fillers available: Permanent and Non-Permanent. Based on reports of adverse reactions, we have never recommended Permanent Fillers. 

How long do Lip Fillers last?

Owing to reported risks of adverse reactions, we have never used Permanent Fillers.
In the safer Non-Permanent category, we have a range of Fillers for lips that last anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on their brand and formulation. Our Doctor will discuss all of these with you, and their individual costs, at your Initial Consultation.

What criteria should I look for when choosing where to have my Lip Filler done?

Choose an experienced injector: Anyone can inject a filler into the lips but it’s skill and experience that gives an injector the precise ‘feel’ as to exactly where and how much to inject to create the desired shape.

An increasing number of Nurses are injecting Lip Fillers: Unfortunately, Nurses are not permitted by law to inject Fillers unless the patient has been first consulted by a doctor of that practice. Some Nurse Injectors circumvent these Regulations by having a doctor remotely assess the patient on Skype. This can never replace a proper face-to-face assessment by a doctor experienced in Lip Fillers. Furthermore, Nurses are not allowed to administer local anaesthetic ‘nerve blocks’, so your treatments could prove more painful. The Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic is a ‘Doctor-Only’ clinic and all lip augmentations are performed by experienced doctors. We do not have ‘Nurses Injectors’.

Be wary of ultra-cheap prices: An increasing number of counterfeit Dermal Fillers are being illegally imported into Australia and some of these have been shown to contain impurities capable of causing serious complications

What are the costs?

Choose an experienced injector. Anyone can inject a filler into the lips but it’s skill and experience that gives an injector the precise ‘feel’ as to exactly where and how much to inject to create the desired shape.
We have a range of different Lip Fillers to suit every purpose. They vary in cost according to intended purpose, brand, formulation, and duration. They range from $499 per syringe. At your Initial Consultation, our Doctor will discuss all your Lip Filler options with you prior to any treatment.

What makes our Lip Augmentation techniques so very different to others?

We love creating beautiful, sensuous lips and we offer both Needle and Cannula Techniques in this regard. Our Doctor will recommend whichever technique they feel will give you the ‘look’ you’re after!
If you decide to have the Cannula Technique, its benefits are:

NO PAIN because we are a Doctor-Only Clinic and unlike Nurses, we can administer a nerve ‘block’ like dentists use to make your lips numb and pain-free.

REDUCED RISKS OF BRUISING because the Filler is injected with a blunt-tipped cannula that doesn’t tear tiny blood vessels and cause bruising like needles can.

REDUCED RISK OF LUMPINESS because the cannula deposits fine threads of filler, not clumps of Filler.