Virtual Consultation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Booking Your Consultation at Our Clinic

What you need to know about booking a consultation at Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic:

Your Consultation Process

At Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we believe the most important step in achieving the result you’re looking for – whether it be for your Skin, Face or Body – is to have a detailed, informative and honest consultation with one of our experienced Surgeons just as you would do for any other medical concern.

We regard your Initial Consultation as the start of a rewarding journey for you. This is where our treating Surgeon gets to know you as a person, listens to your concerns and addresses each of them by offering treatments or procedures that will deliver results. If you’ve come along interested in a procedure that our Surgeon doesn’t believe is the one that will deliver the result you’re looking for, they will be honest and tell you so! We don’t work in any other way – it’s always what will deliver the best result for every patient!

All our consultations, treatments and procedures (apart from our MediSpa) are performed by experienced Surgeons only and who perform the full spectrum of procedures – both Non-Surgical and Surgical.

So, you may rest assured that whatever their recommendation is, it will be in line with what you actually need and not limited by what another doctor may only be able to offer you.

What To Expect

On arrival, you will be greeted by our warm and caring staff whose philosophy is always to treat patients as we would like to be treated if we were the patient.

Our consultation protocol will vary depending on your concerns and possible procedure. For example, if you’re coming to us about the signs of Facial Ageing, our Surgeon will listen to your concerns and then address those concerns by detailing all your Non-Surgical and Surgical options.

No matter what the treatment/procedure, all patients are consulted professionally and honestly in order to provide them with the options that will best deliver the result they’re looking for.

How We Are Unique

We appreciate that many potential new patients have had treatments/procedures elsewhere, or researched certain treatments/procedures themselves, and would like to book in directly to have these.

However, as we are more focused on offering you the best outcome rather than what you may have had elsewhere or researched yourself, we ask you to keep an open mind when you have a consultation with us.

After all, our doctors are not Nurses or GP’s dabbling in cosmetic medicine/surgery: they are Surgeons who have trained specifically in the field of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery and accordingly they perform the full spectrum of treatments and procedures.

With their training and surgical skills, they know facial and body anatomy better than anyone.

Always remember that you are not purchasing a product that you can compare prices on. Instead, you should be choosing your Surgeon based on their experience, expertise and reputation in the very procedure you’re interested in having.

SPECIAL OFFER: All Consultations are $165 (normally $220) valid until the end of the month.

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