How to get natural-looking lips: bruise-free and pain-free!

How to get natural-looking lips: bruise-free and pain-free!

At a glance, lip-plumping procedures look fairly simple. Inject filler into lip; repeat. However, it’s not actually anywhere near as simple as it looks to get natural-looking lips. There are a number of different techniques used in lip-plumping procedures, and the choices made by a cosmetic clinic can have a lot of impact on the result that you receive.

Take the standard approach used at many clinics: Open dermal filler package, use the standard needle supplied in the package to inject the lip in multiple places. This standard approach has a number of negatives for the patient:

  • The sharp needle tears capillaries (tiny blood vessels under the skin) leaving a bruised and lumpy lip.
  • Injecting filler directly into multiple sites along the lips doesn’t allow the product to be distributed evenly, causing lumpiness in the lips. This looks and feels unattractive.
  • Nurses aren’t permitted to administer nerve blocks (local anaesthetics). If a nurse is performing the procedure, then you’ll be expected to bear it without any anaesthetic help.

In contrast, at our Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we always use nerve blocks – the same as dentists use – to ensure that no pain whatsoever is felt during the procedure. Even more importantly, instead of the standard needles supplied in the filler package, we use specially imported cannulas to deliver the filler.  These cannulas, imported from France, are long, ultra-thin, and blunt at the tip so that they don’t tear the lip’s capillaries as sharp-pointed needles often do. Moreover, rather than injecting filler at multiple points along the lip, we insert the cannula only from ONE tiny entry point at each corner of the mouth and inject a smooth, uniform stream of filler right along the lip.

The benefits of our special technique are:

  • No bruising as the blunt-ended cannula doesn’t tear capillaries under the lip skin.
  • No lumpiness because the cannula deposits the filler evenly.
  • The two entry points at each corner of the mouth are so small that recovery is practically instantaneous.
  • Pain-free technique – our patients are comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Another point to be aware of is the dermal filler product itself. We only ever use fillers that are identical with those that are naturally present in your skin.  This essentially eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction to the product.

When you’re considering getting natural-looking lips, make sure you ask the clinic you’re calling about their technique, the product they use, and who’ll be doing it. If it’s a nurse, then it will be quite a painful experience as nurses are not legally allowed to administer a nerve block.  All that is really worth investigating, because the results received are much better using the superior methods. Our patients get lots of compliments about their lips, and we also find that we get referrals from Sydney department stores when their lipstick counters learn where our patients had their lips done!

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