Have you ever considered Laser Eyelid Surgery?

Have you ever considered Laser Eyelid Surgery?

Facial Ageing always affects the appearance of the eyes and make us look ‘tired’. Have you ever considered laser eyelid surgery that can help reverse the action of aging on your eyes. 

Upper Eyelids may develop excess skin, muscle and fat that create ‘hooding’.

Lower Eyelids may develop wrinkles and looser skin, sometimes also with fat protrusion which produces ‘bags’ under the eyes.

The good news is that Eyelid Surgery can reverse these appearances and restore a more youthful look to the eyes! Not only that, we can offer such Eyelid Surgery using a CO2 Laser which holds distinct advantages over the scalpel technique. Not all clinics offer Eyelid Surgery by Laser.

Difference Between Laser Eyelid Surgery and Scalpel Surgery

Although Eyelid Surgery can be performed by either scalpel or laser, there are differences between the two that warrant your consideration before deciding on which technique to have.

The main differences between the two techniques are:

Laser TechniqueScalpel Technique
Post-Operative Bruising & SwellingMinimalMore
Recovery PeriodUpper Lids: about 7 days
Lower Lids: about 4 days
2-3 weeks is not uncommon
Final ScarUpper Lids: same
Lower Lids: NO external scar (unless the skin is also removed)
Upper Lids: same
Lower Lids: permanent external scar under the eyelashes
Risk of  Deforming the Lower LidNegligiblePossible
Risk of Blindness from Post-Operative Bleeding into the Eye SocketNever seen at our Clinic.
The laser technique is believed to reduce this risk.
Reportedly 1:40,000 – 1:100,000

Also note that if you have ‘bags’ under the eyes due to fat protrusion, then you may need to also tighten the skin with Laser Resurfacing after the fat is removed. This does not mean you’ll require a second operation as both can be done as one procedure.

If you are interested in Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery, your first step is to have an initial assessment at our Clinic. Our Surgeon will thoroughly explain what needs to be done and the expected costs.

Laser Eyelid Surgery is performed in the comfort of our in-house Operating Suite under Local Anaesthesia/Light Sedation administered by our Specialist Anaesthetist.

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