Ear Lobe Repair Surgery


….restore normal ear lobe appearances and be able to again wear earrings!

Ear Lobe Repair Surgery will restore the normal appearance of your ear lobes by repairing them, making them smaller, or correcting deformities – any of which will enable you to once again wear the earrings of your choice as well as give you the confidence to expose your ears in public with your hair short or pulled back and not attract the stares we all dislike!

Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

Ear Lobe Surgery is most commonly performed to:

  • repair torn ear lobes
  • repair enlarged ear lobe piercings
  • reduce the size of enlarged ear lobes as a result of ageing or heavy ear jewellery.
  • refashion ear lobes – for example, ‘pixie’ ears.
Ear Lobe Repair Surgery
Ear Lobe Repair Process
Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

How is Ear Lobe Repair Surgery performed? 

Most forms of Ear Lobe Repair Surgery are easily performed in our Clinic’s own Operating Theatre under Local Anaesthesia. Depending on the type of repair required, the surgery can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After the surgery, your ear(s) will be covered with a bandage which you may remove the next day. Sutures are removed 1 week later.

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Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

Surgical Fee from $2,200
Additional costs will include a Theatre Fee. 
Our Surgeon will provide you with an itemised total cost at your Initial Consultation once they have determined what exactly needs to be done. 
Follow-up appointments for up to 6 months are included. 


Payment Plans 

We accept payments from various independent finance providers including  

Handypay & Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC

Handypay and TLC

If you need to finance all or part of your procedure, National Regulations require that you must source your own funding through a bank or any number of Medical Loan Providers such as the above easily found by searching on Google.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.