….enhance your chin and boost both your appearance & confidence!

If you feel self-conscious over having an under-developed, so-called ‘weak chin’, you can now take comfort that a Chin Augmentation using either a Chin Filler, or by surgically inserting a solid implant, is an ideal way to dramatically improve your profile and boost your self-confidence. 

In contrast to Cheek Augmentation for which we DO NOT recommend solid implants for the simple reason that they can more easily move out of position, with Chin Augmentation we offer correction by both Chin Fillers and surgically-inserted Chin Implants.

Chin Augmentation

1. Chin Augmentation With Chin Fillers 

At the Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we only use approved Chin Fillers that contain the identical ingredient that occurs naturally in human skin. Accordingly, the risk of an allergic reaction is so negligible that no pre-treatment testing for allergy is required. 

We have a range of effective Chin Fillers that differ in terms of cost and duration of correction which can range anywhere from 6 months to 3 years or more depending on the actual formulation of the Chin Filler.

Although, these fillers are already well known to the public, current Australian Government regulations prevent us from naming them on a website.  We are allowed, however, to give you printed information on them, including their names, at your Initial Consultation.

Chin Augmentation Process

How Is It Done? 

The procedure only takes around 20-30 minutes and is performed very simply and painlessly through 1 or 2 tiny entry points in the skin that has been first numbed with a small amount of local anaesthetic. 

Through the one or two tiny entry points, a fine blunt-tipped cannula is inserted to deposit the Chin Filler. Other than in special situations, we prefer to inject the Chin Filler with a cannula instead of a sharp needle. Sharp needles require multiple injection points and can cause bruising and lumpiness. In contrast, our special cannula technique can deliver beautifully smooth and bruise-free results

Please note that at the Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, all Chin Filler treatments are performed by experienced doctors only. We do not have ‘Nurse Injectors’. 

How Will I Look Immediately Afterwards? 

The correction is apparent immediately after the treatment. You may have some minimal, very temporary swelling of the area due to the Chin Filler’s ‘hydrophilic’ property of attracting water to itself from the adjacent tissues.  However, this is never of a degree that looks unnatural and, in any event, usually settles within 72 hours. 

With our special cannula technique, there should be no bruising or discomfort whatsoever, and should you wish, you can return to work after the treatment. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

This basically depends on your choice of Chin Filler and how many syringes are required.  Usually only 1 or 2 syringes are needed. Our doctor will give you an exact costing prior to any treatment as soon as he/she has determined how many syringes you will need. 

How Long Will It Last? 

The products we use can deliver corrections lasting between 6 months and 3 or more years depending on the brand of Chin Filler chosen.  When the correction eventually disappears, you can repeat it, not repeat it (without any consequences), or have chin surgery to insert a permanent implant.

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Facial Enhancements with Dermal Fillers is a huge growth industry.  As such, more and more doctors and an increasing number of Nurses are entering the field. So, before you decide who will inject your Filler, consider each of the following: 

The Experience of the Injector is Paramount:

 Anyone can inject a Filler into the skin but it’s knowledge and skill that give the experienced practitioner the right ‘feel’ of precisely how much and how deep the Filler needs to be deposited.  

An increasing number of Nurses are injecting Fillers:

All Dermal Fillers are classified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as S4 Products and accordingly, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR A NURSE TO INJECT A FILLER UNLESS YOU HAVE FIRST HAD A CONSULTATION WITH THE DOCTOR OF THAT PRACTICE. Skype consultations do not allow a proper assessment of your face and therefore are not an acceptable substitute for a face-to-face consultation.   

Make Your Treatments More Comfortable: 

Please note that Nurses are not permitted by law to inject Local Anaesthetics.  Without a Local Anaesthetic, your treatment could prove quite painful.  Some nurses apply EMLA cream as an alternative to a Local Anaesthetic injection but it’s never as effective. 

Don’t Choose Purely on Price:

Don’t choose purely on price and end up choosing the cheapest quote.  Experienced doctors may charge slightly more but this is usually a reflection of their skill and experience.  And it is skill and experience that sets one result apart from another! 

Make Sure the Filler You Are About to be Injected with is GENUINE:

There have been reports and warnings about serious complications from cheap, counterfeit Fillers illegally imported from overseas.  The packaging may suggest that the Filler is genuine but if it is just a clever copy, the counterfeit Filler could contain impurities capable of causing serious complications. The safest approach is to only go to reputable clinics and not be tempted by cheap injectable ‘deals’ which could reflect a counterfeit, potentially unsafe product. 

Remember, YOU are the consumer, YOU are spending your hard-earned dollars and you deserve the highest professional standards and the best possible results for your money.  Don’t accept anything less! 

2. Chin Augmentation Using An Implant

A surgically-inserted Chin Implant is an ideal solution for those individuals who wish to permanently correct an under-developed or ‘weak’ chin that is not in proportion to the rest of their face. 

A Chin Implant can be inserted either through a very small incision placed under the chin, or through an incision placed inside the lower lip to make the scar invisible. The implant itself is made of a safe and pliable material, usually silicone, that is modelled around the bone to provide the desired amount of projection and shape. Chin implants come in a variety of contours and sizes to suit any patient. 

Chin Implant Surgery takes 1-1½ hours and is performed in a Licensed Hospital or Day Surgery Facility under General Anaesthesia. However, you do not need to stay in hospital. You can go home shortly after the procedure but you cannot go home alone. You must be accompanied by a responsible adult who can also be with you during the first 24 hours. 

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Chin Implant Surgery

Surgical Fee: $3,300

 Additional costs include Hospital Fee, Anaesthetist Fee & Implant. 
 Follow-up appointments for up to 6 months are included. 

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