Injectables ‘Best Practices’ – WARNING!

With the sharp increase in demand for Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers, one has to wonder why there is such a discrepancy in PRICE for these cosmetic enhancements?

You can ‘compare the pair’ and crunch the numbers and I’m sure many people think they’re getting a great deal when they discover a cheap price somewhere for Injectables.

Have you ever wondered WHY these cheap prices can even be offered in the first place?

After 23 years’ in the industry, here at the Sydney Cosmetic Clinic, we’ve heard it all. And it’s time that these illegal, scamming and unethical practices being undertaken by Chain Clinics, Beauty Salons, Unlicensed and, unfortunately, even some Licensed Practitioners, are uncovered.

Here are just some of the possible reasons Clinics are able to offer ‘cheap Injectables’:

  1. The Injectables being offered are ‘counterfeit’ products of the originals. In many cases they may look the same but they are manufactured in Asia and are being illegally imported.  These counterfeit products often contain impurities that can cause severe and permanently disfiguring facial complications.
  2. Some clinics, and even some registered doctors, are attracted to the prospect of making greater profits by using cheap, illegally imported and potentially unsafe imports. In 2013, an article in the Sydney Morning Herald reported that one particular Sydney doctor was allegedly using such products.
  3. Another not uncommon reason for cheaper prices is the practice of ‘Nurse Injectors’ who either inject in cosmetic clinics or travel around injecting at various Beauty Salons. While nurses are admirable individuals within their own profession, we maintain that nurses do not have the intimate knowledge of facial anatomy that these treatments require.  To make matters even worse, many ‘Nurse Injectors’ are ignoring existing laws that require each patient to be properly consulted by a doctor prior to receiving any Anti-Wrinkle Injections or a Dermal Filler.  In 2014, a Nurse was suspended for administering Anti-Wrinkle Injections to a patient not first seen by the doctor:

For these very reasons, the Sydney Cosmetic Clinic is a ‘Doctor Only’ clinic.  We do not employ ‘Nurse Injectors’.

Would you risk your face to save a little money?

Wouldn’t you rather have an experienced doctor inject your face?

It’s an important question you must ask yourself and you, as a consumer, need to be aware of the above types of malpractices that do go on in this industry so you can then make safer choices. This is your face we’re talking about here! Not something you want to take a chance with!

At the Sydney Cosmetic Clinic, we are advocates of Patient Safety and the highest of Ethics. Our 100% Safety Record over 23 Years’ bares testimony to this.

Some of the other scary things we regularly hear about that happen in these cheaper-priced clinics include:

  • Out-of-date injectable products being used on patients which could prove either ineffective or cause a serious infection;
  • Syringes being illegally shared between patients with the risk of transmission of infections such as Hepatitis B and C, or HIV;
  • Partly-used syringes being stored in the refrigerator until the patient next needs a treatment – another practice with serious potential consequences;
  • A clinic may claim to use a more premium injectable product but use a cheap or illegal product without telling the patient;
  • A clinic may be importing counterfeit products and claiming them to be the ‘real deal’ when they’re not.  These products are counterfeit, illegal and potentially very unsafe;
  • We’ve also heard that some clinics excessively dilute Anti-Wrinkle Injections and patients are not given the quantity they say they were given;
  • ‘Nurse Injectors’ do not have an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and some have injected into the wrong facial muscles with resulting disfigurement;

All these reasons, and more for that matter – should make you think twice when considering WHERE you should be getting your Injectables and WHO is going to inject your face.

Again, I go back to one of my favourite analogies – you can’t walk into Chanel expecting to pay $50 for a handbag… you KNOW it’s going to be much, much more. And for good reason – the quality, the name, the prestige…

I’m sure any one of us who’s travelled to South East Asia has been tempted to buy one of those ‘rip-off’ designer handbags, or any other designer piece for that matter, only to know that it definitely won’t last as long because the quality of the components that make up the cheap bag are nowhere near the standard of what a designer-brand name would actually use!

Now that’s just a bag I’m talking about. Here, we are talking about our faces! Not something I’m prepared to risk just to save some money.

If I’m going to do something like this, I’m going to do it properly – OR NOT AT ALL!

And YOU shouldn’t risk it either!

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