Our Staff

Angela Velonas – Clinical Advisor & Clinic Manager

Angela's Photo
Angela has over 20 years’ experience in running a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

She is an honest, well-organized and skilled Manager who is passionate about being part of a high-standard, ethical clinic where patients’ best interests are put first and patients are treated as she would like if she were the patient.

Angela is very ‘down to earth’ and always happy to have a chat with enquirers on the telephone.

Laurin Sourry – Marketing Manager

Laurin comes to us with a history of strong marketing experience spanning across multiple and diverse industries including Luxury Cosmetics, Beauty, FMCG, Dental, Medical and Healthcare.

She has a natural passion for Marketing which has enabled her to engage with people at their point of interest, no matter what the product or service. Tapping into the psychology behind what motivates people to act, is one of her key strengths.

Laurin prides herself on her pursuit of perfectionism and is now dedicating herself to the role of Marketing Manager, here at Sydney Cosmetic Clinic.

Rachel – Clinical Advisor / Patient Co-Ordinator

Rachel originates from a broadened, highest fully qualified and accomplished beauty background with many years in management winning countless awards and commendations within prestigious brands.

She prides herself on fantastic quality service with client satisfaction and positive experience being her greatest importance.

Her vast knowledge, graceful presence and talented skill set make certain her clients always feel well informed, comfortable and most importantly completely satisfied.

We feel privileged to have Rachel join our team.

Gina – Clinical Advisor & Patient Co-ordinator

Beginning her career as a remedial therapist in boutique and high end spas, Gina has worked across an array of industries with the common thread being her connection with people.

She began her trip down ‘all things beauty’ later on whilst studying and working in laser treatments at a Doctor’s practice.

Gina’s strengths and abilities lay in her authentic and friendly manner in which she educates and guides patients through their journey to their aesthetic goals.

In her spare time she loves nothing more than a combination of the arts – cooking, playing guitar, visiting art galleries, reading classic literature and also manages to find time to exercise regularly!

Bettina – Our Senior Skin Technician with over 15 Years’ Experience

Bettina Clifford is a renowned professional Skin Technician and Facial Aesthetician who has been working at the Sydney Cosmetic Clinic for over 10 years.

Bettina specialises in advanced skin technologies including Skin Tightening, Fractional Laser Treatments, Skin Needling, Medical-Grade Micro-Dermabrasion, CO2 Carboxyl-Facials and non-injectable Wrinkle-Filling Facials.

With her expertise and passion for aesthetic skin treatments her skills are an excellent complement to our surgical treatments.

Bettina’s knowledge of skin care and anti-ageing supplements has earned her increasing media recognition as a leading authority in her field.

Leona Gallagher – Eyebrow Specialist

Originally from Ireland, Leona started on her journey ‘all things brow’ at just 15 years old, in her Aunty’s local salon. Her love of brows led her to complete a HD Brows course. She then soon discovered Microblading, which offers a more permanent but natural brow solution for people with no brow hair to work with or who have gaps.

As an artist, Leona found it very easy to pick the Microblading technique up and has won numerous awards for her Microblading in competitions across the world. With an instinctive eye and a natural flair, she continues to design brows to suit many different face shapes. Leona has many high profile clients in and around Australia.

Samantha – Registered Nurse & Operating Theatre Sister

With many years of Operating Room experience and working closely with Dr Mayson at various hospitals, Samantha brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to our surgical team.

Her knowledge of Operating Room procedures and standards is without equal and we feel very fortunate to have her on board.