3 Secrets you need to know before getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections!

3 Secrets you need to know before getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections!

Whether you’ve had Anti-Wrinkle Injections before or you’re considering having them, these are the 3 secrets you probably didn’t know (or no one wanted you to know!) for getting the best results:

Secret Number 1

How ‘fresh’ is your product?

The product must not be more than 24 hours old otherwise it loses its effectiveness & poses other safety risks such as infection. Why else would the manufacturer clearly state on the label that the product should be used within 24 hours of opening? Don’t let anyone, be it a doctor, nurse or clinic receptionist convince you otherwise because if it didn’t matter it wouldn’t be written on the label!

Due to the popularity of these injections, they are now not only available at Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinics by Doctors and Nurses, but also other outlets such as General Practices, Dental Practices and so on. These Non-Cosmetic Practices usually don’t have the volume of cosmetic injectable patients to use up the product in 24 hours and therefore the product is stored in the refrigerator for the next unsuspecting patient.

Not only that, there are also doctors and nurses who travel around like travelling salespersons to Beauty Salons, Medispas and Hairdressing Salons offering Anti Wrinkle Injections. So, the ‘freshness’ of the product must be questioned considering the product is being kept in a car driving from one location to the next in less than ideal conditions.

Surprise Lines before seeking non-surgical cosmetic assistance
Surprise Lines before using anti-wrinkle injections
Surprise Lines before seeking non-surgical cosmetic assistance
Surprise Lines after anti-wrinkle injections

My advice:

Only have your Anti Wrinkle Injections performed in a reputable Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Clinic that can guarantee the product they are using for your treatment is no more than 24 hours old or insist that the vial is opened in front of you. If they are not prepared to do this, go elsewhere!

If you wouldn’t eat out-of-date food or drink wine that’s gone off… why would you allow out-of-date Anti Wrinkle product to be injected into your face?

Secret Number 2

Do you know the dosage you’re getting and is it enough for YOU?

You need to know what dosage of Anti-Wrinkle product you’re getting in any particular area because:

  • Different Areas Require Different Dosages: For example, the Frown Lines typically need at least 20 units and Masseters for facial slimming, 50 units. Common complaints from patients having had it done elsewhere are ‘it didn’t work’ ‘or ‘it didn’t last’. When we ask these patients if they know what dosage they were given, the answer is usually ‘no’ or they have had an ineffectively small dose!
  • Different Products Require Different Dosages: There are three brands of Anti Wrinkle Injections approved for use in Australia, but current Government regulations prevent us from naming them. One of those three requires 4-5 times the dosage of the other two to get an equivalent result.
Frown Lines Before Anti-Wrinkle Injectables
Frown Lines Before Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Frown Lines After Injections
Frown Lines After Anti-Wrinkle Injections

My advice:

Your doctor should have the experience to tell you what dose will give you the best possible result according to the strength of your expression lines.

Avoid the ‘little bit here and a little bit there’ technique (also known as ‘Micro-Doses’) as this delivers only a fraction of the correct dose to each area – the result being weaker corrections and shorter durations in ALL the areas treated!

In our clinic, our starting point is always the usual minimum number of units for any area and we then customise the dosage according to each patient’s needs to get the best and longest-lasting results.

Secret Number 3

How do you know your Anti-Wrinkle Injections are being placed correctly?

The answer is you don’t, unless off course you’re a doctor with experience in Facial Anatomy.

This is the very reason we only have experienced Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons performing our injectables. Having performed surgical facelifts, they know the facial anatomy from the inside out, so to speak!

Accordingly, we are a ‘Doctor-Only’ Clinic. We do not have ‘Nurse Injectors’!

My advice:

Choose a doctor with experience and a sound knowledge of Facial Anatomy. Don’t ever feel that you can’t ask because you can AND you should!

Remember YOU are the consumer, you are spending your hard-earned dollars and you deserve the highest professional standards and the best results. You should not accept anything less!

Crows Feet Before Injections for De-Wrinkling
“Crows Feet” Before Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Crows Feet After De-Wrinkling Injections
Crows Feet After Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Now that you know the 3 secrets to getting the best Anti-Wrinkle Injections, you might just want to read on…

What can Anti-Wrinkle Injections do for you?

Anti Wrinkle Injections have the ability to improve or totally remove those facial lines caused by the repeated creasing of the skin by the underlying facial expression muscles.

We’ve all seen lines entrenched on peoples faces after years of frowning (deep vertical lines between the eyebrows), people continually raising their eyebrows when they talk (horizontal forehead lines), or crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes from frequent smiling or squinting – and these are to just to name a few.

By relaxing the underlying muscles, the injections will either improve or totally remove the expression lines or wrinkles they’ve caused. Lines that have been there for a long time won’t disappear but can be remarkably improved. Your doctor should be able to give you an indication of the improvement you can expect.

That is why these injections are so popular amongst males & females between 20 and 60+ years both to prevent and correct. They’ve now become part of everyday maintenance & grooming just like having your hair done!

What can Anti Wrinkle Injections treat to make you look fresher & younger?

The three most popular areas are:

  • Frown Lines – the vertical lines between the eyebrows that can give us a ‘worried look’.
  • ‘Surprise’ Lines – the horizontal lines on the upper part of our forehead.
  • Crow’s Feet – the lines at the sides of each eye.

Other areas include:

  • Lines Under The Eyes
  • Droopy Brows – to lift the brow and open up the eyes
  • ‘Bunny Crunches’ – on the sides of the nose
  • Masseter Muscles – for facial slimming
  • Horizontal Neck Creases and Vertical Neck Creases
  • Gummy Smile – showing excessive upper gum on smiling
  • ‘Flaring Nostrils’ on smiling
  • Hyperhidrosis – excessive perspiration of armpits, groins, hands & feet
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
Frown Lines Before Cosmetic Injectables
Frown Lines Before Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Frown Lines After Cosmetic Injectables
Frown Lines After Anti-Wrinkle Injections

As you can see, Anti Wrinkle Injections will not only correct expression lines & wrinkles but nowadays can also relieve some very annoying and persistent medical conditions.

Do you need a consultation before booking your treatment in?

There are two types of consultations in our industry: the ‘free’ consultation that is always geared to sell you something (unfortunately, sometimes something you don’t need) and the paid professional consultation to find out everything there is to know about a treatment or procedure and what it’s going to do for you.

I would always advise the latter as it is a much more personalised and honest consultation!

At the Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we don’t charge a consultation fee if a new patient has had it before. However, if someone has never had Anti Wrinkle Injections, we charge a nominal fee of $165, $100 of which can be redeemed off the treatment cost. This means they’re paying only $65 for a professional ‘Doctor-Only Consultation’ to get the right advice.

How much do Anti-Wrinkle Injections cost?

The cost varies according to the area being treated and the dosage (number of units) an area requires for the best and longest-lasting correction.

For example, to have the Frown treated in our clinic with either of the two main brands we use requires 20 units and at $16.50 per unit, this makes the cost $330.

When comparing costs between clinics, always compare apples to apples! As a theoretical example, if you find Clinic A is quoting $250 for Frown Lines you’d be forgiven for thinking that was a better deal than our $330. But is it really? The truth of the matter is that if Clinic A is giving you only 10 units for your $250, you’re paying $25 per unit which is much dearer than our $330 for 20 units ($16.50/unit).

Moreover, not only are you paying above the average per unit, with a dose of only 10 units you are likely to get a weaker correction, a shorter duration, or both!

Also, I feel sorry for the people who fall for the tempting deals that regularly pop up on social media and coupon-style e-commerce sites – for example $3 per unit, 3 areas for $450 dollars, a package of various areas etc, etc – those deals are never of any quality or in the patient’s best interests.

As they say, ‘you get what you pay for’!

How often do you need to have these injections?

Statistically, 80% of people will get 3 months’ correction and the other 20% will get either slightly less or more. What I always tell patients is that until they’ve had the treatment (correctly, of course!) they really won’t know.

Very importantly, the trick in getting longer durations from each treatment is to not let the muscle recover completely. In other words, book your next treatment as soon as you see the expression coming back.

How are the injections done?

The treatment is a simple, walk-in, walk-out procedure and most people can return to their normal work and social activities immediately – making it an ideal lunchtime treatment!

Are the Anti-Wrinkle Injections safe?


In fact, the product’s safety and effectiveness in neurological and eye disorders featuring muscle spasm has been clearly established since it was first used in humans in 1977.

Moreover, the injections are given to children with spastic paralysis in much greater doses than those used cosmetically to relax their leg muscles and allow them to walk more easily.

You may not know that our Medical Director, Dr George Mayson, was the first doctor to introduce Anti Wrinkle Injections into Australia way back in 1994, so no Clinic has been using it longer than ours! And over those years, we have never seen any serious adverse reactions.

Is the treatment painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold, so opinions as to pain will also be different.

My personal experience is that it stings a little but it’s quick.

My advice is ‘don’t look at the needle’ and ‘no pain no gain’!

Will the product give me a ‘stark’ or ‘frozen’ look?

Anti Wrinkle products are muscle relaxants and do not cause this type of ‘look’. I think these terms have been coined by journalists to describe overcorrected Hollywood celebrities. These stars do not look that way because of the injections but instead from having too many surgical procedures – and not very good ones at that!

Can I have Anti-Wrinkle Injections if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

As the safety of Anti Wrinkle Injections during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established, we do not recommend the injections during these times.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and if you’ve never had Anti-Wrinkle Injections, or are not entirely happy with the results you’re getting from your current injector, feel free to pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly Clinical Advisors on 9267 3322, or book now.