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The Sydney Cosmetic Clinic was originally founded by Dr George Mayson when Cosmetic Surgery in Australia was in its infancy. Since that time, the Clinic has enjoyed a distinguished reputation in terms of patient satisfaction, high standards, ethics and safety – and it holds that same reputation to this very day.

We don’t have only one Surgeon, we have three Certified Cosmetic Surgeons, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, and Skin Technician for:

  • All Non-Surgical Treatments
  • All Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
  • Medical Spa Skin Treatments

We’re known as ‘A Clinic You Can Trust’ because:

  • We are a Doctor-Only Clinic
  • No ‘Nurse Injectors’
  • Proven 100% Safety Record
  • Advocates of Safety In Beauty
  • Over 20 Years’ Experience in Cosmetic Surgery
  • Highly-Experienced and Hospital-Accredited Surgeons
  • Private location – we are not a Shopping Centre Chain Clinic!

Dr George Mayson

Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr George Mayson is one of the leading Certified Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia, always at the forefront of new technologies in Cosmetic Surgery. An Honours Graduate from Sydney University, he underwent specialist training in Cosmetic Surgery both in Australia and the United States.

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Dr Sawjin Tew

Specialist Plastic Surgeon


Dr Nelson Sucgang

Cosmetic Physician & Surgeon



Round Silicone Implants

Foam Covered Silicone Implants

Asian Breast Implants

Trans-Axillary Breast Augmentation

'Dual Plane' Breast Augmentation

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“Premium, value-for-money cosmetic procedures under the highest of professional standards by experienced doctors only”


We are a Doctor-Only Clinic. All medical treatments are administered by experienced doctors only, not Nurses.

We don’t have only one Surgeon. We have two Cosmetic Surgeons and a Plastic Surgeon, each highly experienced in their fields enabling us to offer the full spectrum of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery under the one roof.

We are not newcomers in the industry. The Sydney Cosmetic Clinic was established in 1985!

When it comes to surgical procedures, our doctors are hospital-accredited.

For patient comfort & safety, all surgical procedures are performed with a Specialist Anaesthetist in constant attendance.

We have a 100% Safety Record.

We only offer treatments & procedures that are deemed safe, effective & worthwhile.

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